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March 29, 2005

Got That Right.

Eric Clapton on the reunion with Cream:

"There is nothing quite like the power of a live band."

I certainly don’t claim to have any fraction of the musical talent of those three but something that non-muso types might want to know. Listening to a live band that gets its act together is nothing like as enjoyable as being part of one that does. Even at my level, of playing Traditional Jazz in pubs (for a fiver and a couple of free beers) for three years as a teenager, there were times, perhaps just a chorus or two of a song, at others, a whole 20 minutes or so of a set, when we stopped being individually not very good players, and became, for those golden moments, a band, an organism greater than the sum of the whole. When it happens it is the most extravagantly gorgeous feeling, a high that you never quite get over, better than all and any of the pharmacopeia available out there.

Given the average age of this blog’s readers this is probably advice for you to apply to children. Teach them an instrument, and however far along they are, whether it is those first hammerings on the triangle or an audition for the Julliard, encourage them to play and sing with others, it doesn’t matter whether they enjoy madrigals, cover Teenage Kicks or the latest sub-genre of Hip Hop, even, Lord help us all, clone The Brotherhood of Man. Those rare but oh so fabulous moments when it does work, when the band is actually in the groove (as the jargon has it), are one of the greatest things you can lead them to. They won’t thank you for it, of course, but then so what? You want them to experience all the joys of life don’t you?

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"those first hammerings on the triangle": in my school you had first to master the little yellow stick with a bell on each end before you were allowed to graduate to the triangle.

Posted by: dearieme | Mar 29, 2005 4:41:22 PM