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March 27, 2005

BritBlog Roundup # 6

Yes, it’s that time of the week again, that late Sunday afternoon that Douglas Adams called the long dark teatime of the soul and it’s time for the BritBlog Roundup again. As you know, any post by a citizen or resident of the four nations that make up these Isles is eligible and while you’re too late to add to this week’s, please do send your nominations for inclusion next time to britblog AT gmail DOT com. We’re hoping to use your powers of discrimination to show us all the good stuff hiding out there in other blogs. Do not think that because I am a foam flecked, froth at the mouth libertarian, that such posts need to agree with my prejudices Bayesian priors. What do you think is good that should be shown to a wider audience.

First up is the Professor, Norman Geras, otherwise known as the Norm of that Blog, looking at and questioning why when analogies are made to Nazi barbarisms, people tend to use war on terror ones, rather than more obviously similar atrocities.

Second is the Blithering Bunny (see, two academics in a row...high tone place this) has some advice for the Tories. Good stuff too.

Keith at Sortapundit is blegging. He can’t afford to repair the car he depends upon to keep his job. Pay him a visit and he’s got an ad there which will move money from US real estate agents to British car mechanics. Takes 30 seconds ...I was a little surprised to see that my lead went to someone I actually used to know vaguely. Still 3 quid is better of with Keith than her I feel. He’s applied for an internship at CND. Given the application I can’t wait to see the response.

Nick Barlow fails to be cynical enough. Nick is also organising a blog roundup to provide daily reports on the election. Might be an idea for politically minded bloggers to give him a hand. I can think of a few big US bloggers who would link regularly.

Nosemonkey points to the Zimbabwean, a Guardian supported web version of a paper opposing Mugabe’s thuggery. He’s right, we all should support such a venture, even if it does show the Grauniad in a good light. He also asks for your votes in the Guardian weblog awards, and as EUrophobe seems to not be being updated he may well deserve it. Check out the other awards you can vote on at that site as well. (And why wasn’t this blog nominated? Huh, lefties, sheesh)

Francis earns two entries as he has been following the travails of l’escroc Chirac as he wanders around the world. He is also the proud father of that little google bomb in the previous sentence, EU Serf preferring Kickback Jacques.

Blood and Treasure ponders the reluctance of the insane to embrace new technology.

Harry Hutton manages to be concise, extraordinarily funny and in the grossest of taste all at the same time. To be fair I will admit to desiring the talent to be able to do that. Both I and Backword Dave thought this should go in.

Fans of the round ball game should check out Arseblog for all things Arsenal related and Liam, who recommended it also wants Twenty Major to make another appearance. Quite right too as he is screamingly funny (although a little freer with the obscenties than one might use in front of one’s mother) and since I was directed to him in the first of these roundups my only question is why isn’t he on everyone’s blogrolls already?

Now, we all know there's a little bit of tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians - something akin to the problems that exist between the northside and southside of Dublin but obviously not quite so intense. So anyway, these witless twerps launch a campaign with a picture of an Israeli number 10 shirt with the words 'Say no to apartheid' on it as a stinging rebuke of Israel's policies.

What Jim Bowen (not the presenter of TV's favourite darts show Bullseye but of University College Cork), spokesman of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign didn't realise is that the number 10 shirt is worn by a bloke called Walid Badir who is a Palestine Arab and one of the most popular players in Israel.

He also didn't realise that 30% of the players in the Israeli league are Palestinian Arabs, that an Arab team are the current champions and that football is one of the only things that Israelis and Palestinians do together which doesn't include plastic explosives, buses and cafés.

(That’s the only bit I can extract without bowdlerising. Such an intense level of detailed knowledge must be frustrating for another teacher at the same institutiton, the writer of the excellent Atlantic Blog.)

Jarndyce takes issue with those who think that sorting out the world is a doddle and also recommends Mr S&M on post capitalism. Anyone interested in economics should be reading  that blog.

Anglo Saxon Chronicle actually nominates Hansard, not quite a qualifier but as he says Well come on it is the oldest, boring and sometime funny blog on the net.

Phillip at Cabalamat looks at what Britain could but won’t do in Zimbabwe and also reveals the shocking truth about the principles of the modern Labour Party.

Captain Oates has been Friday animal blogging....very funny indeed. Could start a new trend there.

Liberal England is both interesting and correct on the divorce of Nu Labour from classical liberalsim. It’s odd to think that those regarded as weird libertarians, people like me, are closer to such classical liberalism than most self-proclaimed liberals (not Liberals, you understand).

Scott at the Daily Ablution continues his merciless fact checking of the press, in the process doing something that they are most reluctant to do, correct errors. Well done that man.

Not Proud of Britain rewrites the Liberal Democrats ten commandments.

ChikYog sends us to Jim Bliss and his take on drilling in the ANWR. It’s an interesting perspective, even though I disagree a little with the economic background he uses(Tim, stop imposing your views. This is about the other bloggers! Ed.)

Neil Craig, at A Place To Stand, is excellent (more opinion showing through Tim. Ed) on the specific problem associated with socialism, that it appears to have no negative feedback.

Stuff and Nonsense writes about what it is to be and feel British. I think he captures it perfectly in his last lines. Absolutely spot on.

Sean Thomas needs to be checked out. Not only a real journalist, ladies man and survivor of more drugs than I care to think about but also a man who named his blog The Toffee Womble. How can that not appeal?

The Future is a Foreign Country wants your help in deciding what animal the EU would be if it were one. As you know my preference is a dead one but there are more interesting ideas there.

Late but not forgotten, Andrew Ian Dodge has a guest entry from Guido Fawkes.

So that’s it, this week’s BritBlog Roundup. Sorry it’s a little short but then you see, you have to send to me the things that you think should be in it. Otherwise, how am I ever going to be able to take advantage of you by leading me to all the good stuff?

One final point. You’ll notice all those blue ads floating around the place. If you click through and sign up (it’s free, no credit card, validation, software downloads or anything) for the demo or request the brochure I get a little drink out of it, and as this is indeed my birthday that might be a nice thing for you to do. Takes 90 seconds to do both but the site really only works in IE.

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According to the Times Online, Britian's conservative party is taking a page out of the American right by incorporating bloggers.Only weeks away from the general election, senior Conservatives will open a new front today in the battle for ideas by... [Read More]

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Your link to Blithering Bunny is wrong: I get Norm again!

Posted by: JamesB | Mar 27, 2005 6:26:13 PM

£13.50 so far, Tim. Pretty soon I'll have enough to pay for a shock absorber :)

Posted by: sortapundit | Mar 27, 2005 6:33:46 PM

Tim, many thanks for putting this up on your birthday! One posible correction - I think it's l'Escroc.

Posted by: Giles | Mar 27, 2005 7:08:09 PM

Hem. "Possible". *Blush*.

Posted by: Giles | Mar 27, 2005 7:47:40 PM

Something must be done about that Glenn Reynolds fellow. You put in all this work collating posts, and where's your Instalanche? Shocking.

Posted by: sortapundit | Mar 28, 2005 12:12:08 PM

>Something must be done about that Glenn Reynolds fellow. You put in all this work collating posts, and where's your Instalanche? Shocking.

>Posted by: sortapundit | March 28, 2005 12:12 PM

You mean this?


Posted by: Francis Burdett | Mar 28, 2005 8:06:49 PM