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March 18, 2005

BritBlog Roundup Reminder

Please don’t forget to send in your nominations and entries for this weekend’s BritBlog Roundup. Anything from a resident or citizen of the four nations of these Isles, send it to britblog AT gmal DOT com. Can be from you, something you’ve seen somewhere else that you think should be highlighted, get it to me by noon Sunday GMT.

Don’t take my normal foam flecked, libertarianish, rants and raves on politics and economics as the basis for what you send in. What we’re looking for is good stuff, stuff we can admire the skill and elegance with which it was constructed, not political views that I might agree with. Any subject, humour, tecchie, elections, insults, heartwarming, photo galleries....just what has been added to the wealth of the human experience by those in and from these Isles this past week?

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