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March 28, 2005

Bribed Blogging

Yes, yes, I know, a terrible sell out but in return for a sign up to the demo in the blue ads floating around a link to Martha O’Connor’s site.

Actually, I might have done so unbribed, for she’s running something of an interesting experiment in blogging. Her first novel comes out in the US and UK in a couple of months (from St Martin’s Press and Orion, which are pretty heavyweight publishers for a first book) and the blog is a mixture of reviews (all pretty good) and the more normal chit chat about everyday life....just what people would want to know about an author, who are they?

As Hugh Hewitt pointed out, there’s an awful lot of marketing that can be done using blogs,  there being so many millions doing it and many more reading. Martha’s already done the difficult bit, writing a novel, acheived the near impossible in getting a first novel actually published, and I think that blogging the release and the reviews can only help her sales.  Good luck to her I say.

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