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March 26, 2005

Birthday Weekend Fund Raiser.

Huge thanks to all of those who have been pushing traffic to the Urgent Blegging post. For those who don’t know what this is about, the advertiser here (the blues ones all over the place) is offering substantial commissions to me if you sign up for either their information brochure or their free demonstration. There is no cost to you, no credit card, verification or anything else required. (Make sure you log in with your password after getting the confirmation email though.)

According to the commission statement the last 36 hours have raised something north of my monthly mortgage payment, so many thanks to all who took part. Of course, there is still three days of this long weekend to go so more can be done if you should so wish. Click through and sign up, at your discretion.

It also looks like the sitemeter numbers will turn the quarter million mark late today, perhaps just before midnight, which will be a nice addition to the birthday present, so thanks again to all readers for that.

One further thought occurs. We’ve seen how jokes and things get spread round dealing rooms via email (that poor girl who had her interest in certain sexual practices spread round the world by her boyfriend, for example,) and I’m just wondering whether I have enough City type readers to start something like that?  I realise that the markets are closed for the weekend at the moment but isn’t the US open Monday?   Might it be possible to spread the word virally, that there is an opportunity to move money from a spread betting firm to me? Even, perish the thought, that other spread betting firms might want to encourage their employees to make this happen? No, no, nasty thought that.

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