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March 11, 2005

Anyone Read Romanian?

I’ll admit that my Romanian is not really up to scratch but I think that I’m being called a disagreeable Englishman:

un englezoi dezagreabil

Ok, it’s a fair cop, I’ll come quietly Guv’.

Update: This has been explained to me now, in the comments being translated as "An English Disgusting" and by the author, as what he thinks the Blessed and Fragrant Margot might use to describe me and my views.
I rather like that so can we, just for a few weeks to let it take hold in google, refer to me as "An English Disgusting" as the anchor phrase and www.timworstall.com as the link?  Not as exciting as a proper google bomb I know but I am working on something for after this. Still haven’t come up with anything quite so wonderful as Tim Ireland’s google images one for "smug c**t". Masterly

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It means:

An English Disguisting

Where have you been to get that insult throw at you? Would you like me to send you one to throw back at him/her?


Posted by: Lidoug | Mar 11, 2005 6:15:02 PM