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February 04, 2005

Volcker Commission Report.

So the interim report is out from the Volcker Commission and Benon Sevan gets named and shamed. At this late date I’m not sure that anyone is really all that surprised by this. One teensy little detail I think worth mentioning, as I did right at the beginning of this saga:

And he's even going to do it for a nominal $ 1 a year. Amazing! What could actually prompt such self denial, such devotion to the public cause ?

In the deal struck with Mr Annan, Mr Sevan will continue for the next three months and be paid a token $1 (55p) a year as a consultant, while continuing to enjoy diplomatic immunity.

Gosh children, can you say " cover up "? Diplomatic Immunity means that he does not have to answer questions, cannot be forced to take an oath or into a court room, can leave whenever he wishes, and cannot, even if found later to be lying, be prosecuted.
So, um, Kofi, just why did you extend his immunity ?

Noted in today’s newspaper report:

Mr Volcker said it was a matter for Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general, to decide whether to revoke Mr Sevan's diplomatic immunity so that criminal proceeding could be launched.
The official, who remains on the staff on a salary of $1 a year so that he can help the inquiry, explained that the cash came from a retired aunt in Cyprus.

As above, that $1 a year is what keeps his diplomatic immunity going. Might help, might not.

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