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February 03, 2005

Veritas Party.

This is terribly unscientific I know but I don’t think that the launch of Kilroy-Silk’s new party has really set the British public aflame. If one searches for "Veritas Kilroy"on google (.com) one gets this blog up in the first page of results. If yesterday‘s announcement was firing people up there would be a flood of hits on that post. Total since midnight GMT? Looks like three (and that post was also linked a little while back by Instapundit). This is the same as the number who came here looking for the Jessica Cutler (Washingtonienne) Playboy pictures in the same time period.

So, as I say, terribly unscientific, but when a newly announced political party is generating the same buzz as a 6 months old story about a tart who’s customers had a taste for kinky sex, well, no, I don’t really think that counts as an outbreak of public interest.

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If you check the party's website (veritasparty.co.uk or org.uk, one of the two), you will see that the earlier suspicions re Jonathan Lockhart have been confirmed (he's listed as a contact).

Posted by: Blimpish | Feb 3, 2005 2:18:02 PM

Blimpish posted the wrong website :-) http://www.vanitasparty.com/

Posted by: Gareth | Feb 4, 2005 12:48:47 AM

Well, the Veritas manifesto looked pretty good to me, and to the large contingent of ex-pats(Brit, Australian, SA, NZ and Irish ..) that I come into contact with in the Greater Wash area.
I was prob the first US resident to join.
Veritas proposes precisely what is needed and doesnt get into the excess baggage of (eg) BNP - clueless anti-US, anti-fag, anti-Jew, anti-Porn and so on. I note that both the Tories AND Labour have now made large U-turns on the immig/asylum problem-signs that a v substantial % of British Voters have had enough of wall-to-wall wog,machete crime, grooming of 12 year olds, welfare fraud and the like. So have I.
Feel free to quote me. Best wishes & I will continue to read yr blog.
571 242 0153 (US)

Posted by: Alan Truelove | Feb 8, 2005 8:24:15 PM

Veritas Party Robert Kilroy Silk. The Straight Talking Party. Tony Blair was in Erewash Friday. Blair, Prescott and Brown visit Erewash, Derbyshire - Kilroys says: " Why all these Labour heavyweights in Erewash? Does Blair Know something we don't know?" As Robert Kilroy Silk, Leader of VERITAS, and Prime Minister Tony Blair toured Erewash earlier Friday, visiting Long Eaton and Risley in the constituency, Robert Kilroy-Silk, noting that earlier in the week both Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Labour's heir-presumptive, and John Prescott, Labour's Deputy Prime Minister had also visited the consituency. For further information and how to join the Veritas Party go to:http://www.veritasparty.com

Posted by: Harry Cichy | Apr 30, 2005 12:20:45 PM

Veritas Party, Anthony Butcher UKIP member, Bogus Veritas forum has been Hacked. For a Veritas forum run by Veritas members go to:http://www.veritaspartyforum.co.uk or main Veritas Party website: http://www.veritasparty.com

Posted by: Harry Cichy | May 12, 2005 5:55:56 PM

I understand that the bogus Veritas forum run by UKIP member & PPC Anthony Butcher has know been closed down. The Veritas forum run by Veritas members is at: http://www.veritaspartyforum.co.uk

Posted by: Harry Cichy | May 13, 2005 1:06:43 PM

It is with regret that I have to ask with others named for the removal from Office of David Soutter Chief of Staff to Robert Kilroy Silk.

Posted by: Harry Cichy | Jun 16, 2005 9:41:26 PM

It is with regret that I have to ask with others named for the removal from Office of David Soutter Chief of Staff to Robert Kilroy Silk.

Posted by: Harry Cichy | Jun 16, 2005 9:43:20 PM

Veritas Party The Straight Talking Party Robert Kilroy Silk. The By-Election in Cheadle, 27 June 2005. Veritas Party,
" We say what you are thinking". Media advice. Monday 27th June IMMEDIATE. Les Leggett is a retired Police Sergeant,married with three children. He is also a former Bramhall and woodford councilor who has a proven track record of working with people and the community,both in out of politics. Les believes that with the support of the people of the Cheadle Constituency, that they can together change the face of British Politics forever. They can also provide a better future for Cheadle.
For further information contact: Alan Ainscow
( Election Agent) Tel: 01204 856987

Posted by: Harry Cichy | Jun 27, 2005 10:43:43 PM

Resignation of Robert Kilroy Silk from the Veritas Party. There will be a leadership election in the coming weeks as previously promised, the result being announced at the Veritas AGM on September the 18th. Patrick Eston Veritas Party Chairman

Posted by: Harry Cichy | Jul 29, 2005 4:51:24 PM

The political Turkey Award go's to The Veritas Party, set up by Robert Kilroy-Silk in an attempt to "change the face of British Politics." Robert Kilroy-Silk resigned as leader and Patrick Eston became leader in September 2005.

Posted by: Readallaboutit | Dec 2, 2005 10:28:38 AM

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Are you looking for informed, intelligent political debate from an independent perspective?

The TALK VERITAS political forum is for you!

Visit: www.talkveritas.com

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Posted by: Sir Percy | Mar 8, 2006 10:54:06 PM

Brian Buxton Chairman of the Popular Alliance invites You to join the Popular Alliance for membership details go to:www.popularalliance.org

Posted by: Readallaboutit | Jun 24, 2006 8:00:08 AM

Patrick Eston invites you to join the Popular Alliance now that Veritas has ceased to exist.

He is very pleased at the PA youth group and said he wishes he had one.


Posted by: Patrick Eston | Jul 9, 2006 6:35:07 PM