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February 21, 2005

They Do Things Differently in Spain.

Just a terribly minor thought on the referendum in Spain yesterday. No, not the fact that a terribly under informed electorate got bamboozled and stampeded into voting for whatever it is that the statist elite desired, this is not uncommon in Latin or other lands. No, this:

In a Madrid polling station in the central district of La Latina, Jose Luis Gonzalez, a retired 60-year-old, picked up a "Yes" slip.

Is this just a mistake on the part of the reporter?  Or do you, when voting, have to declare which way you are voting to the polling officers by picking up a Yes or No form?  Is it really true that here in the Brave New Europe, voting on matters of such grand importance as the constitution is done without a secret ballot? My, what a wonderful system we have.

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Not sure about Spain, but I know that in French elections you do not put a cross on a ballot form. Rather, you pick up the sheet corresponding to the candidate of your choice and put that in the urn (I assume that this is what happened in Madrid).

Secrecy is assured, however, in that you make your selection in the voting booth. The whole thing wastes paper, but means there's no need for a pencil...

Posted by: Third Avenue | Feb 21, 2005 6:03:51 PM

Constipated mathematicians need pencils not paper

Posted by: Anoneumouse | Feb 21, 2005 6:47:52 PM


Constipation seems common among mathematicians, In addition to some using pencil and paper, I've heard of others using their slide rules and even, occasionally, logs.

Posted by: gene berman | Feb 21, 2005 7:31:34 PM