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February 13, 2005

One for the Llamabutchers.

A little something that will interest the Llamabutchers what with their almost unhealthy interest in PG Wodehouse (I keep trying to tell you guys, he was not a novelist, the books are simply documentaries of the way the English really are):

Rather than being discarded as outmoded, however, Wodehouse is now being embraced by India's computer generation. The epicentre of Wodehouse mania is the southern city of Bangalore, where quiz nights and discussion evenings are organised by enthusiasts whose nicknames are taken from the novels' characters.

"We get some pretty curious looks from other diners when we address each other," said Deepak Misra, 40, a manager for an IT company, who is known to his peers as J Hamilton Beamish.

"This is a character from my favourite novel, The Small Bachelor. He's an efficiency expert and can talk on any subject under the sun."

As the sub-continent's fastest-growing "cyber city", Bangalore has a big population of IT workers who are well read, well off and increasingly Westernised.

"I get about 40 or 50 e-mails a day from other members," said Ranga "the Crumpet" Nathan, 29, a software marketing specialist and member of the Wodehouse India web group.

"I've made so many friends this way," he said.

"At college, I thought there were only a couple of others like me but when I moved to Bangalore, I discovered there were lots of people far crazier than me about Wodehouse."

Meetings are held in a restaurant every month, where Wodehouse lore is swapped eagerly. When members travel, they contact Wodehouse fans in other cities.

We may need to get confirmation of the trend from this blog’s Indian correspondent. Atanu, care to comment?

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Don't know what is happening in distant Bangalore, but it is believable. I grew up reading PGW in high school myself. But role-playing Wodehouse characters when you are a grown-up seems to me to verge on the pathological. But then, India is a large country and you can find a bunch of people for every kind of weirdness you can imagine. Even if only one in every million were to go in for some wacko idea, you would still have a thousand people into that wacko cult.

Posted by: Atanu Dey | Feb 14, 2005 5:42:23 AM

I think that Euthanasia is a good idea as, it ends someones life pleaentely. Only being a child I may not understnad the main part to life, but in my opinion at my age, I think it is a good idea. If you choose to end your life, or, if you agree for someone else to end your life, there should be nothing wrong.

Posted by: Jamie | Feb 14, 2005 10:03:12 AM