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January 16, 2005

Shock! Horror! Governments Lie!

Here’s a real surprise for the history books eh? I mean, stop the presses, alert the media, cover the children’s ears  and lock the dogs in the basement away from the nasty noise.  The Torygraph today presents evidence that Governments lie to the populace:

The Government says there is no need to change the law on tackling burglars because a 'trawl' of its records found only 11 prosecutions of householders in 15 years - It took us just one hour to find a further seven

The government has misled the public over the number of householders prosecuted for defending their homes against intruders, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.
Ken Macdonald QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, announced last week that the Crown Prosecution Service had found only 11 examples in the past 15 years of householders prosecuted for attacking intruders in homes, commercial premises and on private land.
The Telegraph - without the CPS's access to prosecution files - found seven more examples in a search lasting less than an hour.

I know we’re all really surprised about this, astonished even. Depending upon how you do the math they either got the original figure wrong by 65 % or so or managed to miss 40 odd % of the cases. Comparing that with estimated budgets for anything they actually try and do, like Notwork Rail, ID cards,  NHS computer systems or the Eurofighter, that’s actually a pretty good result. Certainly highly accurate for Government work.

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