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January 02, 2005

Extremely Depressing.

The New Year is of course a time of hope, of looking forward to the joys and possibilities that the future will bring. I find it extremely depressing then, having recovered from the aspirin poisoning that each New Year’s Day brings, to read this. No, no, not the content of the post, not the style of it. Verite does very well at those things. No, what’s depressing for a middle aged curmudgeon like me is this:

Political punditry, personal experiences, and a plethora of miscellany from a 14-year old Moderate, Libertarian, and Atheist.

How on earth am I going to keep up a constant stream of snarling at, complaining about and generally dismissing the youth of today if there are 14 year olds writing intelligent and concise blogs? Huh? You tell me that, humph, don’t know what the world’s coming to.

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