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December 29, 2004

The Precautionary Principle.

EU-Serf notes Johan Norberg’s comments on the Precautionary Principle. As applied to the environment and technology he’s absolutely correct of course. In another sense he is completely wrong.

We are ever inundated with ideas for new and radical actions by the State. Currently we are only ever told about the good that these things will do. What we need to do is enshrine the precautionary principle in law, just as the enviros want, but with respect to Government action. Nope, sorry litte Statist cretins, you can’t do anything until you’ve proven that your actions will not make things worse. Will get rid of 99% of law making. Probably 99% of law makers too, as their brains explode under the pressure of working it out.....yes, you sunshine, your well meaning idiocies make the problem worse. Go home and leave us alone.

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