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December 07, 2004

Sigh, Moonbat.

Moonbat returns. He’s actually doing pretty well, weighing up the costs and benefits of the re-introduction of wolves and the like to the UK. Then the killer line:

Unlike the businessmen who want to be allowed to expose their workers to dangerous industrial practices in order to boost their profits, the tree planters give us something in return for the risk that they impose on us.

There we have it, the core of the idiotarian world view. When we make trade offs between safety and pleasure we’re the good guys, when they make trade offs between safety and pleasure, they’re the bad guys. What’s worse is that he wouldn’t even understand the above thought....a business does not make a profit or not by being allowed to expose the workers to a dangerous practice. Profit is determined by the amount of competition in the market. What is important to the business is whether that competition has to work by the same safety standards as it does. So we actualy have direct equivalence between planting trees and industrial safety standards....both are a trade off between the safety of others and our own pleasures,in one case the aesthetic of seeing some greenery around in the other the pleasure of cheaper goods and services from more relaxed standards. In both cases we the consumers are the bad guys as we almost always put our desires above the safety of others.

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It's absurd to think of reintroducing large predator animals in heavily populated countries like the UK.

My home state California is about twice the size of the UK and has a bit more than half the population. Nonetheless, the remaining large predators we have (cougars and bears) are becoming increasingly domesticated and causing big problems, for bumans and for themselves. A beautiful cat that wandered into a heavily populated suburb had to be shot while it slept in front yard tree recently (it was near a school.) The shooting was shown on TV and it was extremely sad to watch that beautiful animal die lke that. I don't know what the answer is but why create such problems when you don't have them now?

Moonbat is the very caricature of the upper-class clueless lefty twit - yes, let's introduce yet another round of social engineering, just because, well, I think it's a good idea and want to live a little dangerously when I'm out on woodland hikes. Someone who is so out of touch with reality -- I'm sure he's all for gun control to keep schoolchildren from a repeat of Dunblane, but if a wolf pack attacked a bunch of schoolchildren and killed a few. . .that's okay?

Posted by: Irene Adler | Dec 7, 2004 5:09:42 PM