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December 19, 2004

New Category of Postings.

As was rather embarrassingly shown a couple of days back my knowledge of the real world out there, those issues which are truly relevant to the way we ordinary people actually live our lives now, is so scant that I did not recognise Penny Lancaster as the name of the blonde, leggy, underwear model currently in receipt of the occasional schtupping from Rod Stewart (whose name is at least vaguely familiar). I am therefore adding a new category of posts, named "Zeitgeist", where on an occasional basis I will find out what is truly causing a disturbance on the web and report back for the edification of none other than myself. For of course, all you trendy youngsters out there will already know the name of Britney Spear’s next divorce lawyer, know that Glenn’s ruminations on digital cameras are a coded job application to direct the upcoming Paris Hilton video, that Ron Jeremy has already attended a casting call for "Blunkers: The Life, Times and Tragedy" and regard as thoroughly old news the snippet that Catherine Zeta Jones is to star in the movie version of the Maureen Dowd columns.
I needed to use this internet thingy with the special attatched search option to find these out and will, as I said on an occasional basis, scribble down my notes as and when I find something of interest.

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