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December 17, 2004

Can I be Bothered?

Polly T again. Usual dreary mishmash, not sure I can really be bothered to have a go. Sigh:

Childcare, wraparound schools and universal children's centres will come at the top: the best teaching for under-fives is where any attempt to restart social mobility begins.

Restart social mobility? You mean we used to have it and now do not? Gosh, why don’t we go back to the old system that we know provided it, rather than inventing expensive new ways that may or may not work?

Expect something of a windfall on banks, with a tax on dormant bank accounts currently filched by the banks themselves.

Err, no. The banks do not filch dormant accounts for themselves. They do benefit from the fact that they pay little or no interest on them, thus gaining from the use of the float. This is rather different from the new proposals, which is that the government will actually take the money from those dormant accounts (one might note that the Govt gets 30% of those extra profits the banks make anyway via Corporation Tax). See the difference? Interest and principal?

Good results on the NHS, schools, crime and local services are coming home to roost:

Beg pardon? What good results? School results are down, the NHS, crime, local services....getting better? Or getting more expensive?
No, sorry, she’s lost it. How anyone can look at public services and state that they are getting better, when even the govt’s own figures show declining productivity, is beyond me.
Depressing eh? One of the country’s leading commentators on matters political and social is no longer in touch with the real world.

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Gosh, why don’t we go back to the old system that we know provided it, rather than inventing expensive new ways that may or may not work?

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Before long, I'll probably have to give up on attempting to understand Polly Toynbat. Life really isn't long enough. It's as though whatever goes into her ears gets mixed up in all the mush before it comes out of her mouth, unlike, say, Estelle Morris, where it just drips out again unchanged, there being nothing in the way to interfere. Silly Moonbee seems to feel the need to process it all first, but just ends up confusing herself and everyone else.

Posted by: Weasel Bearder | Dec 17, 2004 3:27:51 PM