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November 05, 2004

We Need a Bloody Uprising.

Quite unbelievable stuff from the bureaucrats at the Ministry of Defense.

A former Gurkha who claimed his pension reduced him to a poverty level that meant he almost resorted to begging on the streets settled his case against the Army yesterday for £55,000.
Lal Budha, 44, who relied on handouts and money from charity to support his wife and two teenage children, had sued the Defence Ministry for racial discrimination.
He was discharged two years ago on medical grounds. In 1992 Mr Budha contracted hepatitis B while cleaning up a sewage spill following a typhoon in Hong Kong and had to have an emergency liver transplant.
The payout is the first time the MoD has made a settlement over the size of a Gurkha pension.
Last October the Government won a landmark ruling in the Court of Appeal that Gurkhas were not discriminated against over pay, pensions and condition of service on the grounds that their terms of employment, particularly the extent of their leave periods home, were different from that of regular soldiers.
But Mr Budha, as a result of his medical discharge, was the first Gurkha to have been allowed to stay in Britain indefinitely. The employment tribunal in Croydon, south London, was told that since leaving the Army Mr Budha received a pension of £97.60 a month. A pension for a British veteran with the same period of service, 24 years, would have been five times larger.

Run through this again with me. A man signs up to fight for the United Kingdom. During the course of his service he is gravely wounded, requires an emergency liver transplant and forcibly retired. At this point he is paid a pension of 97 pounds a month. Whaaat!!! Just to put this into perspective:

The Ministry of Defence has bought each of its 3,150 Whitehall civil servants a £1,000 chair as it plans the biggest cuts in the Armed Forces since the Cold War.
The purchase is part of a £342 million refurbishment carried out at the ministry.

Yes, indeed, each and every ten months he would be paid enough to buy one chair for a penpusher in Whitehall. As it is, even with this higher sum, only some 55 form-fillers will have to stand rather than lower their flaccid buttocks into comfy chairs. The solution is obvious. A cull. A large one. Preferably carried out with Kukris.

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