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November 09, 2004

OK Already, I Give In.

One of the problems with this blogging thing is that you have to decide who to link to. Of course, if someone has an article you want to discuss it is only polite to do so. But what of those who link to you? Are you required to acknowledge such, mention it, link back? I'm really not sure about this and it gets even more difficult on the subject of blogrolling. Of course, the people that one reads every day should be blogrolled, as that's the damn point, if they're good enough for you to read personally, they're good enough to recommend to others.
Well, I have to admit to a shameful little secret for I have been hiding something from you. One of the blogs that I do keep up with is not on my blogroll. I just wasn't sure that nanotechnology, space prizes, the details of US politics  and the occasional comment on US law would interest y'all. They do me as several of our customers are into buckyballs and the like, we supply metals to the space and aviation industries, I used to live in the US and am still au courant with events there and the law, well, I'll put up with that for the other stuff. The author of this as yet unrevealed blog and I have swapped emails a few times, usually  concerning our mutual work at TCS  and wondering when our corporate masters are going to get around to providing the Lear (he wants to hold out for the Gulfstream IV) but I just didn't think that this would interest y'all.
He's linked here a few times over the past few months and now twice in the past two days. I think he's trying to get my attention or something. So, in the interests of encouraging the young ones (for after all, enthusiastic youth is what is going to pay our pensions, is it not?) I'd like to introduce you to the latest entry on my blogroll. Go visit him as he seems to be working hard and he could no doubt do with the encouragement of the extra traffic I can send his way.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Glenn Reynolds.

What? What?

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I do feel that blogging seems to be a new form of economic science. Maybe you are suffering pre-blog angst, which certainly is suggested in your words here, as a result of how new the concept is?

Maybe blogging is to be part of the 21st century in a manner that would concern you as one of the pioneer bloggers??

To the United Kingdom blogwork is as familiar as "real estate" is to the professions. We don't have such words or phrases. Those who are of the genre who use these phrases, such as myself, are not even considered as being English. International business people are not local people hence they are not English. Get the drift buddy???

Go raibh maith agaibh.

Posted by: Sir Andrew Siddle | Nov 9, 2004 6:57:20 PM

He does have a very interesting blog. I particularly enjoy the nanotechnology posts. I'm sure he'll be very encouraged by your linkage.

Pardon me, mate, I'm off to mop some brew off my monitor... Good reading you.

Posted by: Kathy K | Nov 10, 2004 12:41:47 AM