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October 07, 2004

We're All Brainwashed.

When I saw this I slapped my forehead and screamed. Of course, it's so damned obvious, why didn't I think of that. From God Save the Queen, on what to say to the next idiotarian when they claim we're all brainwashed by advertising or somesuch:

Further reflection: the Communist experience ought to be a decisive argument against Marxist theories of ideology (in the pejorative sense), hegemony, or manufactured consent. For seventy years, the Party had the kind of media control that Rupert Murdoch could only dream about. How much consent was it able to manufacture? Not enough, demonstrably. So how can one use the theory of manufactured consent to argue that entire populations are fundamentally deceived about their own best interests? Yet that is the explanatory load the theory is expected to bear: such mass brain-washing, we are told, is how the reactionaries hold their power.
At this point, of course, one starts getting into repressive tolerance or the like, whereupon one can start to play a little game, Come Up With A Phrase As Inherently Bonkers As 'Repressive Tolerance'. 'Passionate dullness', perhaps, or 'biassed objectivity'. Or how about 'fake but accurate'? Oh, wait...

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