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October 18, 2004

Latin You Can Use.

A phrase that we all need to learn, one that can unite us as Europeans in defense of our freedoms, lives, rights and properties while ending the rise of a faceless bureaucracy over us.

Ceterum censeo Consilium Europaeum esse delendam

"And, therefore, I conclude that the European Union must be destroyed."
Link to here and spread the word(s).

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Thank you for that.

"Europeanus eunt domus!"

or was it

"Europeani ite domum!" ?

Posted by: Lemuel | Oct 19, 2004 6:46:57 PM

I like to first say that I hate the EU, I will fight to the last man and there will never be a day when The English people of our Great and Woundrous Country will Unite under The Flag of St.George and fight for our Freedom like we have never fought so Before, and when Victory will come to those who have fought for it so Bravely on that Great Day of Deliverance the World will what We want.

Posted by: Christopher Marks | Apr 20, 2006 7:51:34 PM

That's "delendum".

"Ceterum puteo Consilium Europaeum delendum esse"

Posted by: Qeni | Sep 13, 2006 11:28:58 AM