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October 16, 2004

Aleida Guevara Speaks Out!

The Guardian ran a question and answer session with Aleida Guevara (yes, daughter of) . Funny, funny stuff.

Hi Aleida,
Would you like to see Cuba have fair and free elections? Or do you support Fidel Castro’s continued denial of basic human rights and detention of pro-democracy activists?
As Amnesty International has said: “Limitations on freedom of expression, association and assembly remained codified in Cuban law… The authorities continued to try to discourage dissent by harassing suspected critics of the government. Suspected dissidents were subjected to short-term detention, frequent summonses, threats, eviction, loss of employment and restrictions on movement.”

Hola! In the first place, you should be better informed. Since 1976, Cuba has had elections which are completely democratic: every two and a half years at the level of the municipality, and every five years at the provincial and national level. As there are not political parties, there is no money spent on political propaganda, nor consequently is there any attempt to convince people to support something that then isn't going to be implemented. It's the people themselves who decide, in their localities, who the candidates are going to be. We don't take account of what ideology the person has, but yes, we do take into account whether they are respected by their community. And if he is going to carry out his functions on behalf of the people. Now I ask you,why do you think that having these kind of elections with all the possibilities the people don't elect the so-called dissidents. Could it be that none of them respond to the interests of the people. and not that i'm referring to so-called dissidents because in Castillian, dissident is somebody who is against an idea, but when that person, to present those criteria, receives money from the power that blockades his own people, for us they become mercenaries. and that is a very marked difference. The day that any one of these people suggests something just for the Cuban people, that could be valued by us as better than what we have, then his opinion could be taken into account. We are a very open people. We discuss everything, we analyse everything, and we receive responses to our concerns. I can't convince you about something that you have had information from other channels, but i ask you for a vote of confidence for a people who have struggled for more than a 100 years for their independence. If we weren't convinced about what we have, by now we would be trying to change it. And it's not like that. Unarguably, a process made by humans is not perfect. Errors are committed, but we are capable of rectifying these errors within the process we are living. Aleida.

Which I think translates into "no, we don't need your stinking bourgeois democracy here", or something. I rather liked the follow up comment:
This person is deluded. Hitler and Stalin also held elections like these and they too praised their own regimes as beacons of democracy. Does this woman really believe what she is saying? She says there are "not political parties" in Cuba. I wonder why not. And Che may be an icon but few people seem to care or understand that he was a mass murderer also.

So we are at least able to console ourselves with the idea that intelligent beings do, on occasion, read the Grauniad. Then of course, a real moonbat appears:
I have just done that (look at Amnesty's report on the Americas) and human rights problems in the US are probably greater than those in Cuba. I suggest you do the same.


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That's why the US Coast Guard is forever picking up American refugees from the Bushitler regime, desperately trying to seek freedom in Cuba in their rickety home-made sailing crafts.

Oh, wait, it's the other way around? There must be SOME explanation for this odd phenomenom.

Posted by: Irene Adler | Oct 16, 2004 5:05:25 PM

Woah! If you think that you're definition of "democracy" in its true representative form, is applicable only to those societies which a) have multiple parties not which represent constituents and "the people", rather the wealthy campaign donators who fund them...and b) free and fair (???) elections which elect the Head of State (i.e Bush II because that was obviously free and fair!!)...then you are the deluded one. It appears that the desire to create a society NOT modelled on GREED and excessive individualism to the detriment of collectiveism and focusing on society, is not acceptable by you. I thought the essence of "democracy" (a Greek word and it may pay you to actually UNDERSTAND what it means in Greek before you mouth off with your preposterous commentary!)is a government by the people. Well dear sir, if the PEOPLE want individuals to represent their localities and NOT parties,(those wretched things which have bastardised the concept of representation), then they should be able to. My guess is that you fear a society better educated, more alert, and not susceptible to BULL**** fed by a mass media machine which is "free" (hilarious!), in other words a propaganda machine! If only other nations could follow Cuba's example, then maybe we wouldn't have a degraded society void of any real emotion, community values, and appreciation for life in general....not this rampant materialism which has created a desperate society constantly fearing the scarcity of goods and caught in a vicious cycle of accumulation, debt, and a sense of feeling one is NEVER good enough, pretty enough, smart enough,,,or ever having enough. Not to mention a society which has ravaged the planet to the point of collapse. I'm tipping "depression" and "alienation" are not common ailments that Cuban society suffers from....but I can bet your society is! You can keep your perceived freedoms...because that's all they are..false perceptions keeping you trapped in a box full of ill conceived theories and beliefs. Good luck to you. Keep your society how you want it...and let others get on with their own without your constant drivel and interference.

Posted by: Sophie Kalat | May 28, 2005 3:38:54 AM

I like to meet Aleida Guevara, daughter of the greatest revolutionar - CHE.
I am from Serbia and Montenegro and I know that western democracy does not egzist. Cuba is the best, Best wishes to Aleida, best wishes to cuban people and all comunists on the planet Earth!

Posted by: Jelena | Mar 7, 2006 11:50:27 AM

The Guevara family has been and will be for generations a voice for equality! I was born and raised in suburban Iowa U.S.A ina wealthy family and seeing just how drastic the situation has become under Bush's leadership leads me to revolution! I wish to join Aleida in Cuba and fight for the freedom of millions of Americans!
Hasta La Victoria Siempre Comandante!!
Down with capitalism!

Posted by: J. D. Woltz | Sep 11, 2006 5:52:49 PM

If any country (even or perhaps specially,the us)would have an enemy of the might and aggressiveness that the Cubans have in uncle sam...well me thinks there would be nothing but a war emergency dictatorship in which the patriotic masses would just bond with the government against the foreign threat.Add to that that Cuba has a part of its territory(Guantanamo )occupied abusively by the US and you can get the real picture if you are honest enough thank you very much.Ms.Guevara was very kind in her answers .Perhaps too kind...Just picture the US invaded by a foreign power that has the might to occupy ,say hmmm,California.What kind of 'Patriot Act'legislation would ensue to deal with that new situation? answer.None.There would be martial law and total war.Dissidence?!!!Are you following the logic? Dissidents would be shot on the spot To that I have no doubt whatsoever.

Posted by: Jorge Diaz | Sep 21, 2006 2:28:23 AM