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September 29, 2004

Mark Morford.

This Mark Morford guy, is he for real? I mean, is he cutting edge satire or a complete loon? If it's satire then it's perfect, but if he actually means it then he needs a bit more lithium in his magic mushrooms. The theme of today's column is that the Dan Rather memos must have been cooked up by Karl Rove. Must have been, for the whole story is true, of course, but the fakes mean no one will believe it.

Oh, come on.
I mean, really now. Like anyone worth their even remotely sober intellect didn't have, during that entire, cute little "Memogate" scandal, in their mind's eye a slightly oozing picture of BushCo's master puppeteer and most favoritist overfed pit bull Karl Rove, sitting there all puffed up and wheezing and hunched over his grease-stained nail-studded Compaq Presario after yet another three-Martini, four-baby-seal-kabob lunch, hammering out those forged memos about Bush's military ineptitude on his swiped copy of MS Word.
Can't you just see it? Hear the heavy breathing? Smell the gin? Could this picture be very far from the truth? Because, verily, if it ain't the truth, it's hovering over it like a giant elephant-shaped radiation cloud.
And who can't clearly see Rove, the ruthless conspirator and "co-president," grinning like a troll on ether, orchestrating the whole memo maneuver and hiring some GOP flunkies to feed the docs to overly gullible CBS News with the full intent of later discrediting them and screaming abut the bogus "liberal media" and hanging sad wonky ol' Dan Rather out to dry and making a big fat nonsensical media field day of it?
Voilá, the net effect: a total and shockingly efficient deflection of all public attention away from the obvious fact that George W. Bush is, and was, and forever will be an incompetent AWOL serviceman whose meager and embarrassing record pales in comparison to Kerry's outstanding heroism, and adding yet another notch to the Repubs belt of truly outstanding, world-class deceptions.

It's beautifully written but there is still just this nagging feeling that he's being serious.

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Good Heavens. Has he sought professional help? If this is what he is like now what on Earth is he going to be like by 2nd November when his fabricated writing and wild claims only serves to remind people why they will vote for Mr Bush?

Going into headshaking mode now.

Tim Worstall adds: I actually had a piece published in his newspaper some years ago. Do you think this sort of lunacy might be retroactively catching ?

Posted by: dave t | Sep 29, 2004 8:52:08 PM

You have only to read your blog to know the answer to that question.......

Posted by: dave t | Sep 30, 2004 8:19:38 AM