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September 22, 2004

Boris Johnson Blog.

A new addition to the blogosphere. Boris Johnson, Editor of the Spectator, columnist on the Telegraph, MP for Henley, Shadow Arts Minister and , well, etc etc etc, blah blah blah, has launched his blog. Nothing very interesting yet, just an announcement that he's going to be doing so, but have a look over the next few days for what might come up at the site.
Now, as one of the first to link to the site maybe I can actually get him to read submissions to the Speccie? Or does that all work on personal recommendation? Think it might help if I point out I used to share a flat with one of his fellow 2001 Tory first time MP's? One he was at Uni with? Happy to do a book review of the new Layard thing on "Happiness" Boris, you only have to ask.
Maybe that's a bit much. How about a link then on the blogroll?
Umm. Anything? A recognition that I exist even though I am not a constituent?

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For anyone who appreciates Boris and his jocular bumbling style, his mop haircut and his eccentric approach to public life and believes that this man can bring London deliverance from Red Ken, join this group.


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