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August 01, 2004

Google PageRank.

So here's a little conundrum. Here is the list of all web pages that have a Google Pagerank of 10. Note that they also show how many backtracks they have (Google itself with 1.3 million for example).
OK, that's fine. This blog has a page rank of 6 which seems generous.
However, Glenn Reynolds only has a Pagerank of 7 (which makes mine absurdly generous or his very mean). Looking at the TTLB rankings for GR's page we see that it has 3,000 or so unique inbound links. That is only the links from sites which are members of TTLB: there are certainly more that would be tracked by Google.
Assuming that Pagerank works by numbers of links, one would therefore expect to see the Blogfaddah on thie list, perhaps 48 or 49 on the list of 63 pages.
Now I am aware that Pagerank is a little more than just the number of links: but 7 for Instapundit does seem to low.
Does anyone know why? Is there a presumption built into the calculations that blogs don't count? Maybe it's something to do with the way that pages are constantly changing as new posts go up?

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Hi Tim,

Google PageRank calculations are based on a complex formula that gives exponentially greater weighting to links from sites with higher PageRank.

In other words, a link from a site with a PageRank 7 is worth far more than a link from a PageRank 5 site. On some of the technology discussion boards I've seen it written that a link from a single PageRank 7 site is worth hundreds, maybe thousands of links from PageRank 5 sites. Likewise, a single PageRank 6 link is worth hundreds of links from PageRank 4 sites, and so on.

Check out sites like WebProWorld and SearchEngineWatch for a much more detailed explanation. On one of those sites someone even made a go at re-creating the PageRank algorithm -- whether he was correct or not, I have no idea. But the formula he gave was certainly impressive in its indeciperability to the average intelligent human being, so there just may be something to it. I can't find the link anymore or I'd provide it (so many links to keep track of, so little ability to find one when you really need it).

Anita Campbell

If you

Posted by: Anita Campbell | Aug 4, 2004 12:46:54 AM

OK, that all makes sense. It's important who, not just how many. I still find it interesting that relatively minor blogs, like this one, have a rank of 6, while major ones like Instapundit have a rank of seven. There seems to be a little too much compression in the classes, not enough differentiation, to show our relative positions.
(As far as I know I only have one rank 7 link and that's not from a blog.)
So I guess what I really need in order to get a better page rank is to have the Google home page link directly to me. Wonder how much stock in the IPO I'll have to buy to acheive that?

Posted by: Tim Worstall | Aug 4, 2004 11:01:56 AM

Has anyone got any comments on how to acutally improve a sites google pagerank?

Posted by: Steve Skaffe | Nov 11, 2005 7:33:07 PM