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July 28, 2004

Anybody but Sully Project.

Following on from Spoons and Laurence I feel I have to set up my own little blegger. The aim of course is not to do anything quite so silly as raise proportionately more than Sullivan, nor to cover my bandwidth or beer bill. It is to raise more than Sully full stop (one has to have a dream eh?).
Any money dropped into the Paypal box over the next month (ie 'till end August) will be passed on to "Hipica para Deficientes" or, in English, "Riding for the Disabled". This is a local charity here in Cascais Portugal that provides riding lessons and experiences for physically and handicapped children and young adults. A quick Google will show you that this sort of sport/therapy is considered highly beneficial. I can't find their website just at present but proof that they exist is here where they are listed as "Associação Hípica Terapêutica".
We already raise money on a minor league scale for these people as can be seen from this post where I detail how I consider we were ripped off during fund raising.
This now offers you two methods of helping the cause. You can drop money into the tip jar and I'll pass it on. Or, if funds are tight (yes, I do know what that is like) you can aid me in shaming that English cartridge company into coughing up what they ought to have done.
Currently, a google search for "empty inkjet cartridges" brings up their site as number 1 result. It also brings up my complaint about them, the above linked post (here it is again) as number 13. Now I believe there is a way to spoof the engine into reversing those rankings. Something to do with if lots of people link to my post then it will rise in the rankings. As and when my complaint has risen above their page I shall point out the fact to them in an email and ask for the 100 pounds I think is owed to the charity.
So, there you go. A target, to raise more money than Sullivan for a good cause (and Andrew, that bandwidth story just doesn't stand up), a method for you to donate money, and a method for you to help even if money is tight: simply link to the complaint post and I might be able to get paid what I think we are already owed.

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