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May 09, 2004

Sevan Will Testify

Benon Sevan, when tracked down by the Telegraph, states :

"I am going back to America tomorrow morning - I am not running away," he said. "I will talk about this when it's all over. Please don't underestimate me."

Good, you may think.
However, there is one little wrinkle. Instead of retiring in June as originally planned, Mr Sevan will :
According to UN officials contacted by The Sunday Telegraph last week, Mr Sevan will stay in office to co-operate with the inquiry by the former US Treasury Secretary, Paul Volcker.

And he's even going to do it for a nominal $ 1 a year. Amazing! What could actually prompt such self denial, such devotion to the public cause ?
In the deal struck with Mr Annan, Mr Sevan will continue for the next three months and be paid a token $1 (55p) a year as a consultant, while continuing to enjoy diplomatic immunity.

Gosh children, can you say " cover up "? Diplomatic Immunity means that he does not have to answer questions, cannot be forced to take an oath or into a court room, can leave whenever he wishes, and cannot, even if found later to be lying, be prosecuted.
So, um, Kofi, just why did you extend his immunity ?

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Truly sickening. Good point regarding immunity.

Posted by: Jane | May 11, 2004 2:25:51 AM