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May 29, 2004

More Words We Need in English

Following on from Bjorn's post and my comments on it a further revelation comes via this week's Economist:

May should be a happy month for Norwegians. Warmer weather allows for the first utepils, or beers drunk outside.

The word itself seems obvious enough, ute being similar to out, pils meaning good beer in many languages. The concept also seems logical, similar to the end of cabin fever say, that first opportunity to celebrate spring's arrival after a cold and dreary winter.
I checked with the local fount of all knowledge, the bartender (as you all know it is part of the oath of office that they should in fact know everything), last night, an impressive young lady who happens to speak Norwegian as her native tongue. Utepils does not mean the process or habit of drinking beer outside, it means those very first beers drunk outside in the spring. What a wonderful language, to have a single word, one so simple as to be understood even by journalists, to describe a once a year light drinking session.
We really do need to either find a synonym in English or simply adopt this word ourselves.

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If “utepils” means those very first beers drunk outside in the Spring does “inpils” mean all of the other beers drunk inside in the Fall, Winter, and Summer?

Posted by: Safe and Sober | Jan 3, 2007 4:44:24 PM