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May 16, 2004

Abu Ghraib Update

Two excellent pieces in today's Torygraph.
One of the US Army intel officers in 1944, Ernst Cramer on the training they received before interviewing captured SS officers.
Also, one of the embedded photographers on the QLR....those photos that got faked in the Mirror. An extract

Chancellor, who was commissioned by the QLR to document its six-month deployment in Iraq, yesterday said: "When I first saw Iraqis being hooded by the troops, I asked why. They explained that it was done to prevent prisoners from obtaining intelligence about base security.
"I was also told that it was important to keep prisoners' identity confidential in case they became the victims of reprisal attacks by Iraqis, who might believe they were former members of Saddam's regime. I wasn't completely convinced by that, until I heard about what happened to those suspected of being former regime officials."
Chancellor recalled the story of an Iraqi man whom locals believed was a Ba'athist. He was seized, tied to a post and had all of his teeth pulled by a baying mob armed with pliers. The teeth were placed in a plastic container and handed back to the man, before he was marched across to where his wife and child were waiting. He was executed in front of them with a bullet through the back of the head.
"That was cited as a reason why troops hooded prisoners," Mr Chancellor added. "To protect prisoners' identity."

That gives a little perspective, eh ?

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