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April 25, 2004

Yucca Mountain

Over at Greenie Watch a nice piece on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste depositary. Now that Congress has authorised both construction and use various groups are trying to derail the project by holding up the basic planning permission. Presumably the next step will be to ban transport to it.
One of the nice things about running a real business ( The Low Hanging Fruit Company Limited, motto " Mmmmm. Scandium!") is that in certain areas of the world, professional knowledge puts you ahead of the pack.
No, they're not using scandium ( for today's gratuitous scandium reference ) despite research out of Los Alamos which shows that a lead / scandium phosphide glass would be the best candidate for vitrification.
But I can tell you that the people building the thing don't think that these lawsuits will stop it. One business buddy just picked up, last week, a huge contract to provide some of the metal for Yucca Mountain. They're going right ahead and building it. That really doesn't sound like people afraid of the plan being halted.

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