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April 27, 2004

British Ambassadors Speak Out

Via Silent Running ( and also all over the UK papers):

Geriatric diplomacy

Great to see a bunch of retired British diplomats (52 to be exact), wagging their fingers at Tony Blair and warning him not to be so chummy with Dubya. The thrust of the argument, inter alia, is that US Middle east policy is a disaster, especially towards the Israel - Palestine question, in which case the American policy is also "illegal."
This sanctimoneous crap coming from British diplomats provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to sit back in our chairs and reflect on the dazzling successes of British diplomacy in the region during most of the twentieth century. Some people might even say that these "successes" dug the foundations for the situation which exists today, and frankly if I were a retired British ambassador I'd crawl under my chair and hide.
What do these turkeys think that Blair and Bush should do differently, I wonder? Only one thing for it, I fear. Ignore them.

What everyone needs to remember is that the Foreign Office has been iredeemably Arabist for at least a century. Even in the late 1930's, policy was to turn Jewish immigrants to Palestine away. There is absolutely no question, no situation, no possible set of circumstances in which the standard operating policy of the bureaucrats in our equivalent of the State Department will be anything other than anti Israel and pro Arab.

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