November 22, 2009

Three Mile Island

Three Mile Island has had another radiation leak:

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is sending investigators to the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant after a small amount of radiation was detected there.

About 150 employees were sent home Saturday afternoon after the radiation was detected at the central Pennsylvania plant.

Officials say there is no public health risk.

Cue alarmist Greenies screaming that we're all gonna die in 3...2...1....

Because of course there is no health risk. There's not one single identifiable person who has been killed by Western style nuclear power plants ever. Not a single one. They actually produce a great deal less radiation than coal fired power stations do (yes, really).

And the last time there was a problem at Three Mile Island? The one we all remember? No one even identifiably injured, let alone killed. Yes, cancer rates rose: by they rose in areas that were not subjected to any extra radiation as well as in those that were: proving that it was worry about radiation not radiation itself which caused the problems.

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The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming!

Vikinggrill Well, the Vikings are indeed coming to my garden sometime soon. At least I hope so, for I'm vacuuming around the corners of old bank accounts to try and make sure they do. Of course, I'm not referring to bearded blondes alighting from longships, rather to something like that Viking Grill you see pictured there. We're, as regular readers will know, in the process of finishing of this hourse here and of course part of that finishing off is to make sure that we've got the equipment to live properly here: not just the walls and the roof.

And yes, part of that proper equipping is indeed going to be something like that Viking gas grill. For we're in a climate where a lot of cooking and eating, entertaining as well, can and should be done outside. Which means that we need to be properly equipped for that cooking outside: there's no point in trying to work with a $50 charcoal barbecue if you're going to be using it continually. Much better to get a properly made, to commercial standards, set of cooking equipment. And make sure that it is indeed properly made for outdoor use as well.

The thing about the Viking Grills though: there's such a large amount of choice I'm rather stumped as to which I should actually, erm, choose. That one pictured is a middle of the range model: a couple of side burners and the grill itself. All made of stainless steel of course and containing 29,000 BTU burners: pretty much the top end outside purely commercial equipment. But the range goes from a simple grill on its own all the way up to a monster freestanding model with an oven, warming drawers and so on, as well as the grill and side burners.

So that's my problem: not whether to get one, but which one to get?

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November 18, 2009

Do you need addiction treatment?

We can look around the world and at our fellow human beings and wonder whether everyone out there needs treatment for something or another: I think we all have days like that, yes? But putting such mild jokes aside, there is a rising need for drug treatment in our society. Part of this is simply the greater availability of drugs: the War on Drugs doesn't seem to be working all that well if a reduction in availability is how we're going to measure it.

It's also true that drugs are cheaper than they ever used to be: the destruction of lives now comes not so much from what is paid for them but from what is given up to get them: broken homes, broken careers and broken lives, to say nothing of families and friendships. And as we have ever more to lose these days the need for effective and efficient drug treatment becomes ever more obvious.

Fortunately, as with other areas of medicine, we are in fact finding out more and more about drugs, their effects and how drug treatment might best be organised. For example, there are often underlying causes for drug use, not just the transient joy of getting blitzed. So those underlying causes need to be treated as well as the addiction itself: so called "dual-diagnosis". We've also found that while withdrawal from drugs like heroin is not as immediately life threatening as from, say, alcohol, there are still drugs that can alleviate much of that pain, methadone say.

It's these advances in treatment that have made facilities like those of the Pat Moore Foundation work as well as they do: because we know more than we did we can work out how to organise treatments so that they are that much more effective. If you'd like to know more about what can be done to treat addictions why not click through the links provided to see what can now be done?

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Fidel Castro is dead

Fidel Castro is dead: at least that's the rumour floating around the blogs at the moment.

A few years ago we would have celebrated the death of Fidelismo along with it's progenitor: sadly, that seems unlikely to happen as we once thought. For power has been passed to his brother Raul Castro and the fall of the man seems unlikely to lead to the fall of the system he created.

Something of a pity really, for the system that Fidel Castro did create is a vile dictatorship, one that denies freedom and liberty in almost every manner possible. And no, the fact that there is free health care really doesn't make up for it.

It is of course appalling to wish for another's death so I'll not: but for the end of Fidelismo I hope we can all hope for together.

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August 24, 2009

Ryan Jenkins found dead

The presumed murderer of Jasmine Fiore, her ex husband Ryan Jenkins, found dead in a Canadian motel.

Jenkins had been on the run from police since his ex-wife's body was found dumped in a trash can over the weekend.

In fact, he had started running soon after he killed her. His car and boat were found up near the Canadian border and he had booked into the Thunderbird Motel last Thursday, before Fiore's body was found.

Ryan Jenkins was found dead last night by Mounties responding to a call from the motel manager. Jenkin's body was found hanging from a clothes rail in what is assumed to be a suicide.

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April 14, 2007

Celebrity Divorces

So they've released a listing of the most costly divorces yet:

With Jordan having earned much of his wealth during his marriage, most of it through endorsement deals, Vanoy (who filed for divorce last year) stands to collect more than $150 million, the magazine said.

A close second would be the estimated $150 million settlement Diamond paid to onetime TV production assistant Marcia Murphey, whom he married in 1969 before his breakthrough album, "Touching You, Touching Me," went gold, Forbes said.

They divorced in 1996. Diamond later said Murphey, his second wife, was "worth every penny," according to Forbes.

Spielberg's first marriage, to actress Amy Irving, ended in 1989 with his ex-spouse awarded roughly half of the filmmaker's fortune, about $100 million, ranking No. 3 on Forbes' list.

I'm pretty sure that Forbes has also created a list of the most expensive divorces of all time as well. Two they appear to have left off that list though are Roman Abramovitch ($1 billion to his ex) and Jason and Medea. Allegorical perhaps, but she did go on to kill all of their children didn't she?

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December 11, 2006

Britney Spears Sex Video

A wonderful report from The Anorak on the latest news about the Britney Spears Sex Video:

SHOULD Britney Spears’s X-rated video, the one she is said to have co-produced with Kevin Federline make it to the sticky end of the DVD bargain bucket, what will it be called?

Britney’s friend Paris Hilton’s work with lips, teeth and tissues became One Night In Paris. What about Britney Speared? Sh*g Me Baby One More Time? Or Face Down, Ass Up 2?

It appears that Kevin Federline, who of course takes the second starring spot in that Britney Spears Sex Video, has been consorting with someone else with knowledge of the sex video business:

The magazine has learned that one month before divorce papers were served, K-Ferret was embroiled in a “sex-fueled (sic) affair” with one Kendra Jade, star of the aforesaid Face Down Ass Up 2.

Kendra has also appeared in Beach Bunnies With Big Brown Eyes 5 and Boss Bitches 16.

It is immediately clear to one and all that Kendra is a girl not averse to a sequel. For her, following Britney will be no difficult matter. Hell, she may even manage it three, four or seventeen times.

This I find very funny indeed:

For her part, Kendra just says: “I am in a committed relationship.”

Well, I guess if you're working at that end of the film industry being in such a committed relationship might in fact include this sort of behaviour:

As for romance, Kendra and Kevin are described as “just friends who have sex”.

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