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November 22, 2009

Three Mile Island

Three Mile Island has had another radiation leak:

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is sending investigators to the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant after a small amount of radiation was detected there.

About 150 employees were sent home Saturday afternoon after the radiation was detected at the central Pennsylvania plant.

Officials say there is no public health risk.

Cue alarmist Greenies screaming that we're all gonna die in 3...2...1....

Because of course there is no health risk. There's not one single identifiable person who has been killed by Western style nuclear power plants ever. Not a single one. They actually produce a great deal less radiation than coal fired power stations do (yes, really).

And the last time there was a problem at Three Mile Island? The one we all remember? No one even identifiably injured, let alone killed. Yes, cancer rates rose: by they rose in areas that were not subjected to any extra radiation as well as in those that were: proving that it was worry about radiation not radiation itself which caused the problems.

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