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November 22, 2009

The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming!

Vikinggrill Well, the Vikings are indeed coming to my garden sometime soon. At least I hope so, for I'm vacuuming around the corners of old bank accounts to try and make sure they do. Of course, I'm not referring to bearded blondes alighting from longships, rather to something like that Viking Grill you see pictured there. We're, as regular readers will know, in the process of finishing of this hourse here and of course part of that finishing off is to make sure that we've got the equipment to live properly here: not just the walls and the roof.

And yes, part of that proper equipping is indeed going to be something like that Viking gas grill. For we're in a climate where a lot of cooking and eating, entertaining as well, can and should be done outside. Which means that we need to be properly equipped for that cooking outside: there's no point in trying to work with a $50 charcoal barbecue if you're going to be using it continually. Much better to get a properly made, to commercial standards, set of cooking equipment. And make sure that it is indeed properly made for outdoor use as well.

The thing about the Viking Grills though: there's such a large amount of choice I'm rather stumped as to which I should actually, erm, choose. That one pictured is a middle of the range model: a couple of side burners and the grill itself. All made of stainless steel of course and containing 29,000 BTU burners: pretty much the top end outside purely commercial equipment. But the range goes from a simple grill on its own all the way up to a monster freestanding model with an oven, warming drawers and so on, as well as the grill and side burners.

So that's my problem: not whether to get one, but which one to get?

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