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November 18, 2009

Fidel Castro is dead

Fidel Castro is dead: at least that's the rumour floating around the blogs at the moment.

A few years ago we would have celebrated the death of Fidelismo along with it's progenitor: sadly, that seems unlikely to happen as we once thought. For power has been passed to his brother Raul Castro and the fall of the man seems unlikely to lead to the fall of the system he created.

Something of a pity really, for the system that Fidel Castro did create is a vile dictatorship, one that denies freedom and liberty in almost every manner possible. And no, the fact that there is free health care really doesn't make up for it.

It is of course appalling to wish for another's death so I'll not: but for the end of Fidelismo I hope we can all hope for together.

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