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November 18, 2009

Do you need addiction treatment?

We can look around the world and at our fellow human beings and wonder whether everyone out there needs treatment for something or another: I think we all have days like that, yes? But putting such mild jokes aside, there is a rising need for drug treatment in our society. Part of this is simply the greater availability of drugs: the War on Drugs doesn't seem to be working all that well if a reduction in availability is how we're going to measure it.

It's also true that drugs are cheaper than they ever used to be: the destruction of lives now comes not so much from what is paid for them but from what is given up to get them: broken homes, broken careers and broken lives, to say nothing of families and friendships. And as we have ever more to lose these days the need for effective and efficient drug treatment becomes ever more obvious.

Fortunately, as with other areas of medicine, we are in fact finding out more and more about drugs, their effects and how drug treatment might best be organised. For example, there are often underlying causes for drug use, not just the transient joy of getting blitzed. So those underlying causes need to be treated as well as the addiction itself: so called "dual-diagnosis". We've also found that while withdrawal from drugs like heroin is not as immediately life threatening as from, say, alcohol, there are still drugs that can alleviate much of that pain, methadone say.

It's these advances in treatment that have made facilities like those of the Pat Moore Foundation work as well as they do: because we know more than we did we can work out how to organise treatments so that they are that much more effective. If you'd like to know more about what can be done to treat addictions why not click through the links provided to see what can now be done?

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As someone with a loved one who struggled with addiction for many years I can empathize. My mother also struggled with having relapses. I agree that sometimes alternative treatments may be necessary to prevent relapse if one relapses after a particular type of treatment, but also some drug addiction treatment centers offer a relapse prevention program. One such program that I know of is at C.A.R.E. Florida. Check it out if you are interested here http://careflorida.com/relapse-prevention.html

Posted by: J. S. Allen | Dec 5, 2009 2:03:31 AM

Informative article. Addiction to substances is increasing among the people and treatment to recover from them is very important to save lives. Addiction is not an easy task to recover. At a deeper stage of the disorder, it is essential to get the help of rehab centers.

Posted by: Addiction Treatment | Jan 20, 2010 12:44:44 PM

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