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February 19, 2007

Ron Jeremy

I remember that Ron Jeremy has had straight acting roles before. There was that movie about him a few years back: he's had bit parts in various TV shows for example. He seems to be taking the acting more seriously now though:

Porn star Ron Jeremy wants to be taken seriously -- with his clothes on.

Dressed in a dark track suit with a protruding belly that shows he is past his physical prime, Jeremy hardly strikes you as one of the most successful American porn stars.

But Jeremy, 53, who claims to have been with more than 4,000 women during a 30-year career, is the first to admit that he is not your stereotypical sex star. He believes his average looks are a key to his success.


But more than ever, he is driven to seize those elusive Hollywood roles. "It's a certain amount of ego," he said. "In my little cloud, I still think I'm an actor."

Would he like to do more reality television?

"To me, porn and reality TV are similar. I don't mind being in them," he said. "I just can't stand watching them."

An interesting sales line, don't you think?


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