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December 13, 2006

The Horror, The Horror

From the annals of The Anorak:

Miss Clarke lives in Bristol. She works in Bath. She is as British as warm beer, hoodies and kebabs in curry sauce. And one day she work up and started talking in French.
She called around her pals and invited them to visit her in Paris.
But she was in the West Country. And suspecting something amiss, Louise’s sister took her to see he doctor.


There, the finest French medical minds realised she was suffering from Susac’s syndrome, a condition that causes the immune to system to attack healthy tissue. And so it was that healthy British flesh was under siege from the French.
The Mail delivers a brief history of Susac’s syndrome. We learn it was named after Dr John Susac. We learn that the condition can cause the sufferer to develop “bizarre and paranoid behaviour.”
And what is being French to Mail readers but that?

Well, quite, what great horror could there be than for a daughter of John Bull's finest becoming French?


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