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December 08, 2006

Maria Eva


An amusing story here about Maria Eva, the Indonesian singer. Apparently she got down and dirty with a politician a couple of years ago and filmed the encounter on her mobile phone. She then lost the phone and it's now all over the net.

An Indonesian parliamentary committee intends to question a legislator over a video distributed on the Internet that appears to show him naked with a singer, the head of the committee said Wednesday.

The shaky, one-minute video that appears to show Yahya Zaini, a member of parliament from the country's biggest party, Golkar, with the woman has caused shock in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country.


The woman who was naked in the video, Indonesian pop singer

Maria Eva, held a televised news conference in which she said she took the footage using her mobile phone.

She denied distributing the video on the Internet and said she had lost her mobile phone.

It's just this surveillance society isn't it? Getting ever more difficult to have that bit of illicit nookie.

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