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December 11, 2006

Britney Spears Sex Video

A wonderful report from The Anorak on the latest news about the Britney Spears Sex Video:

SHOULD Britney Spears’s X-rated video, the one she is said to have co-produced with Kevin Federline make it to the sticky end of the DVD bargain bucket, what will it be called?

Britney’s friend Paris Hilton’s work with lips, teeth and tissues became One Night In Paris. What about Britney Speared? Sh*g Me Baby One More Time? Or Face Down, Ass Up 2?

It appears that Kevin Federline, who of course takes the second starring spot in that Britney Spears Sex Video, has been consorting with someone else with knowledge of the sex video business:

The magazine has learned that one month before divorce papers were served, K-Ferret was embroiled in a “sex-fueled (sic) affair” with one Kendra Jade, star of the aforesaid Face Down Ass Up 2.

Kendra has also appeared in Beach Bunnies With Big Brown Eyes 5 and Boss Bitches 16.

It is immediately clear to one and all that Kendra is a girl not averse to a sequel. For her, following Britney will be no difficult matter. Hell, she may even manage it three, four or seventeen times.

This I find very funny indeed:

For her part, Kendra just says: “I am in a committed relationship.”

Well, I guess if you're working at that end of the film industry being in such a committed relationship might in fact include this sort of behaviour:

As for romance, Kendra and Kevin are described as “just friends who have sex”.

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