December 29, 2008

Gift cards

Now this is an idea I think whose time has come. We're all familiar with the difficulties we all have in buying gifts for the holiday season? It's OK with someone you really know, or someone you love, you do indeed know just what to get them. But what about that wider family and circle of friends? It's almost impossible, isn't it?

So, instead of getting something they might not want, or that they try to take back to the store, why not get them a gift card? OK, OK, that's not all that new an idea, stores have been selling gift cards forever. But wait a minute, you've still got to go to all of the different individual stores to get the different gift cards, don't you?

So how about a one stop shop, a gift card mall, where you can get hundreds, if not thousands, of different gift cards all in the one place? That does sound like amuch better idea, doesn't it?

One single place where you can get an Applebee's gift card, a Best Buy gift card, an iTunes gift card.

That does sound like a good I say above, an idea whose time has come. Just click through any of the links above to see what they have for you at the gift card mall.

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September 10, 2007

Audience Response Systems

This looks like an interesting little place. They're providers of audience response systems. I'd simply never realised that the technology of such things had got so far.

But thinking about it, of couse, they must have, for things like focus groups today are far to complex to be managed purely with pen and paper. I think it's interesting to see how they break ou their market though.

There's one system that works for said focus groups, keeping track of how opinions and so on change through the day.

There's another one for more parliamentary groups (although I doubt that they're actually in use in real parliaments). Then there's a third system for student actiivities: things like keeping tabs on how students are responding to question made during lectures etc.

None of this is my field, of course, but fascinating still I think, to see how far the technology has advanced.

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September 07, 2007

Game Design Program

Now here's something that I wish had actually been around 15 - 20 years ago, when I was looking at my education. A game design program. That is, not a piece of software that helps you design computer games, rather, a degree, an educational program, that takes you through both the technical and the narrative skills you need to join the industry as a games programmer. Offered by Collins College it looks like it covers all the bases.

Well, why do I wish it had been around way back when? Well, no, not because I wanted to be a games programmer: rather  because, I did in fact become a games designer at one point. I'm even credited in the industry databae as having been a producer (the Windows version of Another World).

The thing is though, I had no idea what I was doing, nor what anyone was talking about. Which is rather why I wish there had been game design programs back then: I might have been rather more successful at what I ended up doing.

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August 07, 2007

Digital Camera Reviews

I've been pondering over whether to get myself a camera: it seems ridiculous with all of these photo sharing sites and so on that I'm not taking my own. However, I know nothing about them, not even which way around you use them. So I'm very grateful to the guys who have put together this digital camera reviews site.

It's all explained there in clear language, the merits (andmore importantly, the demerits) of each of the different manufacturers and the models. Even a technical (and technological) ignoramus like me can follow what's being said and thus be aided in coming to a reasoned and reasonable conclusion.

So, excuse me a little please, I'm off to go reading through some more of those descriptions of digital cameras: perhaps, finally, I'll be able to send those pictures of the new house my parents keep demanding.

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June 06, 2007

Paul and Jennifer

If you should be interested in hte young man who has just started stepping out with Jeniffer Anniston then you shoudl check out this about Paul Sculfor.

Sculfor's a British model and there's links to photos and a video there.

Having seen it I can understand what he's offering Anniston, I just find it a little difficult to understand what's on offer the other way around.

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May 27, 2007

DeWitt Media

Yes, there's another company now offering money for postings on blogs. ÎIm currently waiting to see how well it works but it's an interesting offshoot I think.

They started in website design and I assume that they've seen how the other services have taken off and decided that they need to either compete with or offer the same service to their existing clients.

I'm all in favour of this of course, the more people who are competing to offer me paid blogging opportunities, the closer I'll get to my wanted boy's toy, a motor trike.

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April 04, 2007

Broadband Comparisons

I saw recently that 50% of UK households were using broadband....or was it that 50% of those on the net were now using broadband?

Anyway, this is interesting information for those who haven't decided upon a supplier yet and also for those who might be thinking about switching. It's a broadband ISP site, a place where you can compare broadband offerings in the UK.

All the information you'll need is there to make your choice. Obviously, a listing of broadband providers, along with details of their offerings. How much free traffic do you get? At what speed? Do you get a month or two free when you switch? What is the actual monthly price? How about free phone calls? Are they included as well?

There's also a useful guide to how to choose a broadband supplier, how to concentrate on the parts of the offer that are most important to you and which are irrelevant.

All in all a very useful little guide and for anyone interested in UK broadband, highly recommended.

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March 30, 2007

Search Engines

We've all tried it, setting up a wonderful new site on the net and expecting people to flood to use, to beat the gates down, to buy our fabulous products.

Never quite happens that way though does it?

The reason is simple. There are billions upon billions of other pages out there so how are people going to find your specific offerings amongst all that choice? This is where search engines come in of course, and it is true that just about everyone starts their shopping for an item by looking at those engines.

Which might lead you to think that the best way of advertising your products is by advertising on those search engines....well, yes, it can work, but some two thirds of people don't like to use the sponsored links. Instead, they prefer to use the free links provided by the engine's algorithms. So what you need there is help in making sure that your results rise up those rankings.

This is called search engine optimization and it is the major thing that will make or break your business online. Get it right and you'll make money, get it wrong or not do it at all and you won't. So click through that link there to find out how to do it the right way.

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Printer Supplies

One of the things that, sadly, people tend to forget when pooling at printers is that the printer itself is a loss leader. That is, it is usually sold to you by the manufacturer at a loss. But you are then locked in to buying that suppliers (very expensive) ink and toner for years to come, and that's where they make your profit.

The way out of this is to look online for your toner supplies. To in fact.

You might, for instance, get Lexmark Toners from them. These are new, yes, not remanufactured. But they're also not manufactured by Lexmark, so they don't have to carry the subsidy from the cheap sale of the printer in the first place. That saves you money.

They have all of the other good things as well, carry all of the major brands, free shipping in in the lower 48, an excellent guarantee and return policy and so on.

But most importantly they can save you money so why not, eh?

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March 28, 2007

Surfing the Subway

Well, yes, I have heard that phrase, surfing the subway. This takes it to new levels though, actually skiing the tube:

A man who filmed himself skiing down the longest escalator on London's underground rail network was branded "dangerous, stupid and irresponsible" Wednesday.

The man hurtled down nearly 200 feet at Angel tube station with a camera strapped to his head and posted the video on the YouTube Web site.


The 60-second film shows the man climb the escalator, clip on his skis at the top and begin his high-speed descent as onlookers shout out behind him.

London Underground condemned the stunt.

Sounds fun though, I'll have to try and track down the video he made.

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