April 03, 2007

Orlando Fun Tickets

There's a reason why Orlando has more tourists a year than there are inhabitants of the great state of California you know.

It started over a century ago, with people moving for the weather, then Disney put their theme park there (well, the east coast version to complement the west coast one) and that's now expanded into four theme parks, two water parks and so on.

But that's not all that Orlando has to offer. There's Busch Gardens, the Medieval Times, Arabian Nights dinner adventure: simply because there are so many people going there more attractions are being built and so ever more people go there.

With all of these options available the question then becomes how to choose between them and even more importantly, where to actually get the tickets. That last question can be easily answered. Just click through here for Discount Universal Studios Tickets. You'll find that you'll be able to get tickets to all of Orlando's many attractions there, at the very best prices going.

Strongly recommended in fact.

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March 27, 2007

The Mile High Club

Yes, I know, we all make jokes about the Mile High Club, we've all heard of it. Some of us (ahem) might even be members. But the one place on the planet you wouldn't think it was popular? Go on, have a guess.

Love will literally be in the air for one lucky couple as a local English radio station offers a chance to join the mile high club over America.

Big L radio in the sleepy English coastal town of Frinton, some 60 miles northeast of London, is inviting couples for the next week to go on air and describe how they are growing old in a suitably disgraceful manner.    

The winning couple, who will be selected by a panel of judges appointed by the radio station, will be flown to Atlanta, Georgia and put onboard a private plane equipped with champagne and a double bed to take to the air in amorous style.

Frinton? Bleedin' Frinton?

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October 28, 2006

Born on a Tram

Most of us get to be born in a bed. Not this lass:

A Sudanese woman gave birth on a tram in the center of Poland's capital, ensuring instant celebrity for her baby daughter, Polish media reported on Thursday.

One of the things we English say when someone doesn't shut the door is' What, were you born in a barn'? to which this girl will have a stunning rejoinder. To mark the happy occasion there is a suggestion:

City officials will debate a proposal on Thursday to award Duha free lifetime access to Warsaw's public transport.

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October 24, 2006

Cow Cabs

I'm one of these people that is consistently astonished by the ingenuity of the human species. Don't forget, Julian Simon pointed out that such ingenuity is in fact the ultimate resource.

So, if you're a Cilean cab driver who is always having his cab car-jacked, what do you do?  Make it so conspicuous that no one would ever dream of trying to steal it:

After being robbed several times, Juan Geraldo upholstered and covered every square inch of his car's interior with black and white spotted cowhides, including the steering wheel and ceiling. He then decorated the interior with stuffed toy cows, and added a horn that moos.

The visual effect is even more impressive at night, when the black and white taxi interior is set off from floor to ceiling by a flood of neon light.

"The effect was immediate. They haven't robbed me since," said Geraldo, who said the special effects also brought in more clientele and allowed him to expand his cab fleet from one car to nine.

This leads to a slightly odd thought: is this why pimpmobiles are so outrageously decorated? To warn people?

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