February 15, 2007

Ike Turner

I missed this from the Grammys so interested to see it at the X&Y blog. Ike Turner got a Grammy.

We all know the story of how awful he was to Tina Turner and what that means we sadly miss is the quality of the music he's been involved with. Not just the Ike and Tina Turner years (and there's an awful lot in there that's much much better than Nutbush and River Deep) but his early stuff with hte Rhythm Kings. Along with Bo Diddley he's really one of the inventors of Rock and Roll itself.

He's an excellent musician of course, playing multiple instruments, but he's probably really best as an arranger. Well done that they recognised him again with a Grammy.

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The Police Reunite

Interesting news I see from the Eminem blog, that The Police have reunited and are going on tour again. The announcement was made from the stage at the Grammys as they performed for the crowds there.

Well, nothing like getting a free ad for the ticket sales really, is there. Over at that blog it's wondered, why are they touring again? Have they run out of money or something, has Trudie Tyler got through all of Sting's money.

As it is said in the comments, she can certainly shop for England. Maybe that's it then?

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