December 12, 2005


This is simply rubbish. No, there are no pills that do this. If there were do you thing sperm donation would still be used?


SPUR-M is an omnipotent formula. It increases sperm production by 500%.

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December 10, 2005

Penis Enlarge Patch.

Sorry, these things don’t work. Really, there is no patch or pill that’s going to enlarge your gonads.

Deal with it.

It might be worth noting that your girlfriend would be more impressed by your doing the washing up occasionally.


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December 08, 2005

The Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical

One basic idea about buying medicines. Don’t buy them from people who can’t spell them.

Even better...."Viroxx".....don’t buy from people selling drugs withdrawn from the market because of their side efects.

Avoid these people.

Vlpagra - $3.3
Leyvitra - $3.3
Cinalis - $3.7
Imixtrex - $16.4
Flosmax - $2.2
Ultxram - $0.78
Viroxx - $4.75
Amhbien - $2.2
Valilum - $0.97
Xacnax - $1.09
Somea - $3
Merhidia - $2.2

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December 07, 2005

Advanced Gain Pro Penis Enlargement Pills

Straight scam.

No, sorry, there are no pills which will make your penis grow. That was all sorted out years ago with your genes and your nutrition as a child. Get over it.

One further thought, but if these miracle pills come from Poland and physical size is all that women desire, why the hell are all the Polish birds in London?


Everything grow$: your body, experience,
sexual desire but n0t your peni$. Advanced Gain Pro
wilI make the last one grow too.
Advanced Gain Pro makes the impossible things possible.
It increases your penis to sizes you could never imagine before.

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Ultra Allure Pheromones

Yes, it is true that people (both men and women) use smell as part of the way they decide who is sexually attractive.

No, this guy isn’t selling the secret.

timjetmech <>


As Harry Hutton pointed out, anyway, it’s the smell of cash women love. Keep yours rather than sending it to this dingbat.

You are n0t $atisfied w1th the way y0u l0ok but you still want the best women.
Don’t worry, Ultra Allure Pheromones will take care of everything.
You think there is nothing special about your
friend but he is always surrounded by the prettiest women.
Maybe he is using Ultra Allure Pheromones.


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Soft Viagra Tabs.

This guy is at least vaguely amusing.

With our $0ft Viagra tabs

They’re selling tablets by a unit of distance now?

A yard of ale is one think, a foot of dollars another.

Avoid this twerp.

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Not only can’t the guy spell this is straight lying.

If you have inactive sperm sorry, but no, a herbal supplement from this idiot (or any other) isn’t going to change that fact.


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All your life is broken as you dreamed of hearing your baby’s first word,
watching its first step, and seeing its first tooth.
Spermamax cam make everything said above become reality.

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From some miserable little idiot at:

Goin4ithard <>

If you pay it won’t arrive and if, by some miracle, something does arrive it won’t be Viagra.


Did you know that Americans and Russians
have sex more often than any nation in the world?
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