February 19, 2007

Children of Glory

From this blog I find that there's been a film made called Children of Glory. Set against the background of the Hungarian Uprising and made by someone who left the country in the aftermath:

The Hollywood-style cinema treatment of Hungary's 1956 revolution that was crushed by the Soviets and the water polo team's Olympic revenge was made to appeal to viewers worldwide, its producer Andrew G. Vajna said.

It should come as no surprise that Vajna, who became a top Hollywood producer after fleeing Hungary in 1956, would use the political and sporting drama of that year as the backdrop for a fictional love story in his film "Children of Glory".

Vajna, who has produced a wide range of films from "Rambo" and "Total Recall" to "Evita", said he harboured hopes of making a major drama about that eventful year ever since he escaped.

"It's been close to my heart since I left at 12," Vajna told Reuters after his "Children of Glory" (or "Szabadsag, szerelem") earned thunderous applause at a Berlin film festival screening.

For more on the water polo match, try Wikipedia.

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