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October 29, 2007

Honest Plastic Surgeons!

No! Really!

In a quite amazing story The Times sent one of their female reporters (someone who really doesn't need Plastic Surgery ) off to several clinincs to see what they would say about whether she did in fact need it or not. In most they were falling over themselves to get her money, damned whether she actually needed it or not. In the third, Make Yourself Amazing, they actually said the following:

After the examination, he says that the only place he can operate is my stomach – and, with just a minimal difference to make, he doesn’t deem it worthwhile. He doesn’t refuse to take my case, but highly recommends that I try exercising first. He is also the first person who asks me to revisit my expectations, explaining that the fat I insist I need removing from my side is what many would call “womanly curves”, and that the kind of flat tummy I’m after is unrealistic.

“If you came along and said, ‘Right, I’m very clear about that’, and you still wanted to go ahead, then that’s fine. But if you’re saying, ‘Well, I really want a flatter tummy’, but you’re not quite sure [you’ll get it], then I would say it’s best not to go ahead,” he tells me. “Only athletes have a totally flat stomach.”

That's right: he actually talked her out of wasting money on something that wouldn't do her much good: but would, you can bet, have cost her money.

Which brings us to what you should in fact be looking for in a plastic surgery facility? How about doctors, not salesmen, how about honesty, rather than a production line to vacuum your wallet?

That could be why MYA are one of the UK's largest such cosmetic surgery companies of course.

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