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September 25, 2007

Refurbished Computers

There's a part of th computer industry that many are really unaware of, this being the market in used and refurbished computers. There's not much of one in PCs, because that technology marches on so quickly. However, in a business environment, things move rather more slowly. It's notthat chips don't get faster, memory cheaper, in the same way, it's rather that once a business has put in a complex system they tend to keep it for a number of years. Of course, sometimes machines break, but rather than buy new (which would mean complex changes to the structure), people tend to look for another piece of the same old kit to slot into the network.

That's what drives the business model of people like this who specialise in refurbished AS/400 equipment. They scour the planet for used equipment and spare parts that can then be used by people without their having to change the basic structure of their network. If that's the sort of service you need then it's strongly recommended that you check them out.

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