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April 18, 2007

Student Loans Blog

Here's an interesting blog, something that will appeal to millions upon millions. It's all about student loans and more specifically, why and how and when you might want to consolidate student loans.

It's very informative: for example, they've a post up about the changes in interest rates upon Stafford loans. Currently these are above market rates and a bill has just been passed to reduce them to below market rates (after all, why borrow from the government if they're going to charge you more than a bank would?).

There's also a couple of issues of the Carnival of Student Finance where they round up articles from elsewhere (and those that have been submitted) to give you a wider view of the whole subject.

Well worth having a look: you might want to find out how to consolidate student loans for it can save you money to do so, depending upon the interest rates you're currently paying.

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Posted by: Lisa Tucker | Jun 8, 2007 7:19:28 AM

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