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April 04, 2007

Daddy's Diamonds

Or, in fact, Daddy is a Diamond. Or not in fact in this case.

A German woman's plan to turn her dead father's ashes into a diamond was thwarted Tuesday by her grandmother.    

A district court in Wiesbaden ruled the 19-year-old could not take the cremated remains to Switzerland where a company creates synthetic diamonds from ashes.


"The daughter of the deceased could not provide sufficient proof that it was his final wish to be pressed into a diamond," the court in western Germany said, ruling in favor of his 86-year-old mother.    

The court said the daughter's views on the care of the remains took precedence over the wishes of the dead man's mother but ruled that any decision had to be in accordance with the expressed wishes of the deceased.

It's pretty weird to want to turn someone into a diamond but I think I can understand it. What I don't get though is why the objection to it? I mean, this all takes place after the cremation, after all. Not going to do anyone any harm now, is it?

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