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March 13, 2007

Spanish Food

Living, as I do, in Portugal, and having lived in several other countries too I've got a certain amount of experience with what might be termed "foreign" cooking. Not just the occasional dish with a hint of garlic in it, as might be the case at home, but our own diet here, made up as it is of foods from the local markets, if we go out to eat it's Portuguese or Portuguese.

Nothing wrong with that, but with the builders in and the kitchen out of action it's all eating out now. This has set me to thinking of which cuisine I know and like I would want to have available here, just as a matter of variety. I've lived in Italy and I do love Italian food but it's not really different enough freom what we get here already. The same with most spanish recipes. Yes, they are different from the Portuguese, but only in style, not substance.

German, Swedish or Russian cuisine? Err, no, I really don't think so. French again is really not so different from what we already get. Cajun or creole would be good but I'm not sure that the others here would take to a diet of gumbo.

I think what I'd really like would be what Americans call spanish recipes, what the Spanish themselves would probably call Mexican. Different enough from the Mediterranean food we're getting here now but still based on the blending of strong flavours and spices.

So, anyone thinking of opening a restaurant down here in the Algarve, let me know will you?

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