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March 06, 2007

Get Paid to Recycle

Now here is something I actually know about (in contrast to most bloggers, I do know some things about some small things). The recycling of cellphones and ink jet cartridges. These can be either reused or broken down for parts. If you have a large pile of either of them then they can be worth quite significant sums of money: many ink jet cartridges have a value of $5 or more.

However, the cost is in actually collecting them. That's why FundingFactory will help you organise a recycling group at your school, community group and so on. Their Get paid for recycling scheme means that as you collect the items and send them off to them (they provide the packaging materials and even the flyers you'll need to tell people about it) then you can be earning money out of doing good for the planet.

I've actually worked in this industry and and subsequently helped to set up just such a scheme for a local charity in Portugal. It is true that quite significant sums can be raised for good causes this way.

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